Exploring Thai Combination Massage Techniques for Stress Relief

After a really long day, when we take a long stretch in bed, how does it feel? That five-second moment of relief just hits differently. If you are interested in passive stretching tied in with ancient healing practices, Thai massage should be your go-to.

What is it? Focused on stretching and yoga poses, it can increase flexibility and ease back pain.

Originally, Thai massage came from India. It is regarded as a healing art. It’s not like your normal Western massage. Instead, you lay fully clothed on a mat on the ground while the masseuse used stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques.

What is Thai Massage?

In a Thai massage, you will not see oil, rubbing, or kneading like most traditional massages. This one has a twist. Moreover, your therapist will perform stretches to promote well-being by using their body to assist you. Similarly, the tools for the masseuse in this case are their hands, arms, elbows, and even their feet. Hence, this helps reduce tension in your muscles, which in turn helps with the stress you’re dealing with.

A Thai massage is typically 90 minutes long. And, the therapist will focus on clearing Sens, which means internal energy pathways.

The Five Benefits of a Thai Massage

Your Body Flexibility is Going to Get Better

With a Thai massage, you will instantly see a change in your body. Additionally, the flexibility and range of motion are going to increase by improving your muscle’s blood flow and oxygen supply. “Your flexibility is related to the function of your joints.”

Get Rid of Stubborn Back Pain

There are some people who just can’t get rid of back pain. However, a Thai massage can do wonders. During your session, your body is loose, this allows for the massage therapist to work on stretching. During a Thai massage, the therapist will help you hold these poses. Hence, in the case of twist poses, that ensures that you feel relief from back pain.

Relieves Headaches

If you experience tension headaches, a Thai massage can help you ease your symptoms. Moreover, there have been people who have said that their headaches are completely gone now. The benefits of Thai massage could last anywhere from several days to around 15 weeks.

Get Relief from Anxiety

One of the best parts of massage therapy is the sense of calm and relaxation it can bring. Similarly, a Thai massage is more energetic than other forms of massage therapy. And, it has also been proven that movement helps with anxiety immensely.

Revives Energy

You will find whole-body movements in Thai massage, which helps revive energy. Furthermore, many people have reported that they feel not only relaxed but also rejuvenated. Hence, anyone struggling with fatigue should definitely go for a Thai massage.

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