5 Major Benefits: What is So Special About a Thai Combination Massage?

There are many people who believe that the health benefits of Thai massage are that it lowers stress, boosts energy, and improves athletic performance. In order to relax the whole body, Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques. Thai massage originated in India and it dates back to 2,500-7,000 years ago.

What Are the Benefits of Thai Combination Massage?

There are many benefits as we mentioned above, but let’s go into detail. Below, we will be discussing five health benefits of Thai massage.

Lowers Stress

We are not saying that stress is necessarily bad because at times stress actually acts as a positive motivator that might help push people to perform better. Moreover, people end up accomplishing more in their personal and professional lives. However, at times, stress pulls us back. It pulls us back from the live we can live and we forget what peace is. Long lasting stress can actually lead to serious illnesses. And, that is why Thai massages are recommended to those struggling with stress as they use gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the body.

Boosts Energy

According to Medical News Today, research has shown that Thai massage can increase people’s physical energy levels. Furthermore, for people who are experiencing fatigue, this type of massage could be beneficial to those. Thai combination massage increases energy and mental stimulation, which leads to a boost in energy.

Relieves Headaches

A 2015 study found that Thai massage is a treatment that is highly effective when it comes to the people who struggle with constant headaches and migraines. When pressure is applied to specific energy channels, it helps relieve headaches.

Improves Range of Motion

In a Thai combination massage, there are yoga like stretches incorporated. Similarly, these stretches help reduce stress and improve circulation over time. The gradual, gentle stretching can enhance the person’s flexibility over time. Hence, allowing a greater range of motion in your body.

Stimulates Circulation

Through the use of gentle stretches, Thai massage can promote the circulation of both blood and lymph. Moreover, these stretches and massages can help increase blood circulation, which fills the body’s tissues with oxygen, this will promote cell growth and heart health.

How Often Should I Get Thai Massages?

A person feels very relaxed after a Thai combination massage. However, you also need to keep in mind that your body has been worked and stretched. After a Thai massage, a person should rest and drink plenty of water.

There isn’t as any guideline, per se, as to when you should or shouldn’t get a massage. You should listen to your body, if you feel like you need it, mentally and physically, go get yourself a Thai combination massage.

What to Expect During a Thai Massage

  • Imagine your body is being rearranged through different yoga posing
  • You can expect stretching and prodding
  • You will most likely lie on the floor
  • The therapist may use their hands, knees, legs, or feet.

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