4 Hands Massage: Benefits and Why You Need to Get One Too

After you have continuously worked so hard, this magical massage will help you boost up for the day. In the everyday life of hustle and bustle, we need to stop for a moment and give ourselves a pat on the back. After a long, exhausting day, this is a must-have.

We all crave that spa time, which is why there are so many options for massages available. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the four handed massage.

What Actually is a 4-Handed Massage?

Yes, it is just like the name. There are four hands massaging one client. Moreover, there are two therapists who are consistently working their hands in sync which releases the stress. And, also, the aches that your body has accumulated after a long day effectively.

For example, if there is one massage therapist on the right side of your body, the other one would be on your left.

During a four hands massage, one therapist is usually on the top side of the body such as the head and torso, while the other therapist puts the same effort towards the bottom of the body.

Benefits of a Four Handed Massage

The Uniqueness it Offers

This type of massage is very distinct from a normal massage where a client is only dependent on one massage therapist. Moreover, due to the four-handed technique, the massage turns out to be extremely soothing and fades all the aches away. Therefore, there are some people who prefer attention concurrently to different parts of their body. So, the four-hands massage is perfect for those people.

Increase in Blood Circulation

The synchronized movements of the two therapists during a four-hand massage lead to a significant increase in blood circulation. As each therapist focuses on specific areas simultaneously, the continuous rhythmic motions help stimulate blood flow more effectively than a traditional massage.

Combination of Techniques

In the case of a regular massage, the massage therapist usually focuses on one kind of massage technique due to limited manpower. Hence, this reason might leave the client dissatisfied. However, in this case, the massage is able to give the client attention all over their body, releasing any pain and bringing in calmness. Similarly, for anyone who requires a more wholesome experience, this is perfect for them.

Why is the Four Hand Massage a Popular Choice?

  • There are two masseurs working in unison exerting the same pressure on both sides of the body. Therefore, this provides an intense relaxing experience.
  • Since there are so many people looking to relieve tension, this massage is made highly for that. Moreover, leading to relaxation.
  • It comes with many massage benefits as mentioned above. It covers all aspects because of how masseurs use kneading, flowing strokes, and circular motion.

Is the Four-Hand Massage Worth It?

Yes, a four-hand massage is more expensive than a regular massage but it comes with double the benefits and relaxation. So, if you truly love massages and are tired from working, the four-hands massage is calling out for you.

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